Monday, September 7, 2015

We have all had bad days. It seems that when that day comes, nothing can go right. All the stars have aligned to make even the toughest person cry like a child. It is one thing after another: whether getting into an argument with your partner or boss, being late for an important meeting or even driving your SUV into a two-tonne truck. Yes, the last one is my bad day confession.

When it’s your turn, and we all get a turn, you'll wish the 24-hour day would just end already. For most of us, we are pretty lucky that there is not photographic evidence to remind us what we went through. For others, it was captured for eternity. The images below can be a warning to us all, when things start to go sideways, go back to bed immediately!

01. The person who just had some watermelon.

02. This person who literally just got up on the wrong side of the bed.

03. This guy who thankfully didn't really hurt himself.

04. The couple that thought putting their trampoline on the third floor was a good idea.

05. The one who had to come home to this.

06. The owner of this toothbrush.

07. The worker who didn't see the sign.

08. The owner of this car.

09. The person who threw these gift balloons away.

10. The guy who just wanted a bowl of stew.

11. The person who wishes he drove a boat to the store instead.

12. This guy who was just about to paint his living room

13. This newly engaged couple.

14. The woman who just wanted a cup of coffee.

15. The driver of this SUV who wishes he could just erase the last 5 minutes of his life.

16. This person who isn't paying attention at all.

17. This guy who can't seem to get a handle on things.

18. The owner of this car who wishes he had AAA.

19. The hungry people who waited for this pizza for an hour.

20. The guy who thought he was going fishing today.

21. This poor dog who thought he just met a new friend.

22. This teenager who just tried to retrieve her cell phone from a drain.

23. This girl who had no idea this would happen.

24. This man who dropped something down there.

25. This laptop user who can't win.

26. This unhappy woman who just baked a cake for her bf.

27. This person who was looking forward to a cold glass of Pepsi.

28. The owner of this brand new car.

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