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I feel as though this article may cause people to think to themselves “How in the world can anyone be certain where we will go when our bodies die?”, and they are correct in thinking this. It’s impossible to claim with certainty where will will go because we don’t really have a firm enough idea of what the afterlife entails.

Even if we mesh the evidence of hypnotic regression stories with near-death experiences to help give us some loose idea of what lies ahead for us, the fact is, we still don’t have a map of the afterlife.  That’s OK though, because we don’t need a map of the afterlife to find out what the destiny of our soul is.  And we will look into this more in a bit.

Regardless of whether or not there is a hell, heaven, astral plane, or even if we reincarnate again immediately after we die, we are still able to have a general idea of what the future of our soul will be.  All we have to do is look at our lives on earth, and look inward to reflect on some important questions.

It’s kind of like writing an exam and knowing that you failed before you even got your grade back, and knowing that you will have to go to summer school.  You won’t know what your grade is, what answers were wrong, what summer school you will be attending, or any other details, but you can infer that you will need to attend school during the summer to make up for it.  Or maybe, you know you aced the exam and know that you will earn a scholarship.  You don’t know your grade, how much of a scholarship, or what school you will be attending, but you can know just from sitting down in front of the test what your future will entail.

In other words, you can know what is going to happen to you generally without knowing specifically.  Likewise, whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Spiritualist, or agnostic, there are 3 major universal ways you can find out in a general sense where you will go when you die without knowing the specifics.  All you have to do is become quiet and honest with yourself as you answer these 3 questions:

1) Who/what owns me in this life?

 We aren’t talking about what things, people, or institutions own us.  Rather, we are talking about what energies own us.  What spirits control us in this life?  Depending on what perspective you wish to take, you can look at “spirits” as being literal entities, or you can look at them as being a metaphor for mood and energy.

Maybe we are anger junkies, or have a serious problem with lust.  Maybe we have an addiction to lying and constantly fall victim to the spirit of deceit.  If your mind, body, and soul are currently in the hands of foreign energy and you are constantly being tugged around by its hold on you, then you belong to it.  If you don’t feel like you have the power to break free from it when you want to, then you are in bondage.  Does it really make sense to think that someone who has lived a life of perversion will all of a sudden be freed from the spirit of perversion once his body dies?  If someone is a slave to lust, why would they no longer be a slave once the body perishes?

Let’s take a child predator for example. Where would such a person go when they die?  They would have to bear the consequences of carrying around a parasitic energy.  They may even be taken to a realm that the energy of perversion originated from, or where spirits of perversion reside. Can someone who belongs to the spirit of perversion inherit an afterlife of peace, or even one of neutrality? Will they fall into the hands of God? Or into the hands and of the spirits/energies that took them over in this life?

If you want to know where you will go when you die, consider looking inward to see what owns you, and see if you can think of any reason why it wouldn’t continue to own your mind and soul anymore just because the physical body perishes.  We fall into the hands of what we belong to.  For some, this may be a relief, but for others it may mean we have a little bit of energetic clearing to do.  But that’s really what life is all about.

2) Who/what is my God?

Who, or what, is your idol in this life?  What does the majority of your attention, passion, and energy go towards in this world?  How is the majority of your time being spent?  What is your soul invested in on this planet?

The truth is, everyone has their own addiction.  But there is a difference between something being an addiction, and something becoming the most dominant object in your consciousness.  For example, someone may be addicted to coffee, but they may be the most spiritually activated person ever.  The type of addiction and behaviour I am talking about is one which takes your energy away from your mission and your Creator and directs it towards a selfish egoic pursuit.

Money, sex, and power are things which often become objects of our worship.  Maybe we are even our own God.  We should take a good look inside ourselves, and take a close look at our lives, and consider who or what our God is in this world.  Once you have identified it, contemplate what an afterlife would entail if an entire life was spent in self-service worshiping that object.  If we dedicate our entire physical experience to satisfying a desire of our ego, can we really expect to be forced into a realm that is ruled by a God different than our own personal one?

When our souls mission becomes to pursuit of money, pleasure, of self-glorification, we can know that our reward has already been given in full.  Where will our souls go if we spent a life worshiping Ego instead of Spirit? Can a power-hungry money worshiper such as David Rockefeller inherit the grace of a Creator whom he rejected and did not care to know?  Will he be rewarded in the afterlife with an eternity of peace and bliss for his life of self-service and greed?

Whatever you worship in this life is a good indicator of where you will go when you die.  You can either worship and pursue things of ego, or things of Spirit.  And depending on the one you worship, you will either be ushered into the afterlife by your ego or by your Spirit, and the realm you will be going to will be of a matching vibration.  The God you live for in this life will be the one that sends you on to the afterlife.

3) Am I one with my conscience?

We all have a conscience.  A little intuitive voice and feeling inside of us that warns us when we are partaking in behaviours we shouldn’t be.  It may make us feel guilt, anxiety, shame, or even nauseous if we don’t listen to it and proceed to partake in the behaviour anyways.  That conscience we have is not some abstract thing independent of you.  It is your soul communicating to you.

Your soul is your connection point to Source (or to God, or the Universe, or whatever name you would like to give It).  This is why it is able to guide is so well, because it is our pipeline to perfect morality.  The mind-body ego we become in this world is just a mask our soul is wearing as we pass through this life, and is often the one we predominantly live as.
But in reality, our true self is unified with the Creator.  The conscience you have is not something that belongs to you as an accessory.  It IS you. The ego is the accessory.

The practice of spirituality is to essentially return to a unity with our soul, and therefore with God.  It’s really about becoming our not-self, and transcending our false mind-made self and coming back into harmony with our own souls.  The transmutation of our ego into our Higher Self is what the journey is all about.
A lot of times, we have the experience of feeling our soul (our conscience) try to communicate something to us and redirect us to a more morally pure route.  We experience it as something separate from us, as if it is coming in from the outside.  The degree to which our conscience is separate from us is the degree to which we are separate from our own souls, and therefore from God.

A good measuring stick to see how much we are living as our spirit is to see if our actions are in line with our gut feeling and our intuition, and to see if we are willing to surrender our ego to allow ourselves to be led by what our spirit is telling us.  The goal is to have your actions become an extension of your spirit, as opposed to having the spirit peaking in at you through the clouded window of the ego.

If we go through life ignoring our conscience and never taking the time to surrender and allow it to become a part of our being, we are literally living separated from our own souls.  The degree to which we ignore our conscious and experience it as a foreign entity is the degree to which we are disconnected from Spirit.

If we live as an ego foreign to our own soul and block ourselves of from the guidance of our own intuition, can we really expect that our ego will shed itself at the moment of physical death?  Or will we have to come back until we learn to be guided by Spirit? What happens when a soul is wrapped up in an egoic sense of self and refuses to let it go? The Spirit World is called the Spirit World and not the Ego World for a reason.  If we are to live eternally in a heavenly realm in our souls future, it will be as a soul, and not as an ego that refuses to transmute itself into unity with the soul.

So where do we go when we die?

We can know where will will go when we die when we know who/what energy we belong to, who/what our God is, and the degree to which we are one with our own souls.

If we belong to lust, dedicate our lives to money, and refuse to listen to our conscience (the voice of the soul), we will have a much different fate than if we belong to love, dedicate our lives to world change, and live as one with the voice of the soul.  One will result in the need of Karma alleviation, and additional lives to learn more lessons, and one will result in peace and reward.

The fate of our souls doesn’t lie in some lottery outcome.  And it’s not some grand mystery.  If you want to know where you are going when you die, look in the mirror and ask yourself: “Am I connected to my own soul, what energies do I belong to, and what do I idolize and worship?”.

And the truth is, we all know this.  We all have a general idea or what lies ahead for people who live lives in love and service to others versus people who live lives of greed in service to themselves.  We have a general understanding of what kinds of things lie ahead for people wrapped up in ego versus those who are walking along side their souls, even though we may not know the specifics. It’s just a matter of looking inward at ourselves, and seeing how this applies to our own life.

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