Wednesday, September 9, 2015

People have lots of insecurities deep inside them. Those skinny ones wanted togain more weight while those who are fat want to lose weight. It’s not bad to wish for something, it’s just that, we should all be contented with what we have.

Meet Hang Mioku, a woman from Korea who’s also a former model. Hang Mioku really likes to undergo a silicon plastic surgery to enhance her facial features. She first underwent plastic surgery when she was 28.

She then pursue her career as a model and moved to Japan. In Japan, she did nothing but to undergo plastic surgery. One after another, she undergoes surgeries and facial treatments. But when the doctor realized that she has had too much, he refused to do another treatment because of the possible consequences of her addiction to plastic surgeries.

Because of so many frustrations from being rejected by the doctor, she bought a bottle of silicon in the black market and started injecting it on her face. Due to her addiction and desperation, she also injected cooking oil in her face which made her face become bloated.

After the horrifying incident, she was then featured in different TV programs. People started to donate money for her to undergo a treatment.

But still, she remained unrecognized. Her family can’t even recognize her!

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