Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What does the puppy-eyed or hangdog look actually look like? Actually, there isn’t just one, but at least dozens (as these pictures show). And all fit everyday situations. This is what it looks like when…

1. You’re at a party and finally someone says the magical words: “The buffet is open!”


2. When you see how someone is trying to jump over a fence and gets stuck with their foot.

3. When you drank too much coffee, but there isn’t a toilet in sight.

4. The indescribable relief when you finally find a toilet.

5. When you secretly watch someone at the neighboring table.

6. When you see someone on the side of the street and you don’t want to talk to them because they always say the same thing.

7. When he saw you anyways, crosses the street, and tells you the same story AGAIN.

8. When you catch your girlfriend snuggling with someone else.

9. When you catch your boyfriend cuddling with someone else.

10. When the guy in front of you in the line lets out a quiet, but horrifically smelling fart.

11. When you finally realize how brilliant that joke was that someone told you 30 minutes ago.

12. When someone tells you a joke that you can’t even laugh about out of politeness.

13. When your girlfriend tries on her new underwear.

14. When you find out how expensive the underwear was.

15. When your best friend tells you she’s with that annoying guy that always makes creepy comments.

16. Your face when she tells you in 2 weeks that you were right about that creepy guy.

17. When you need coffee immediately but you see your co-worker pouring out the last cup.

18. When you figure out that you chose the slow line at the supermarket.

19. And when the granny in front of you pays in coins. And then argues about whether the item was on sale or not and the manager has to come to explain to her that it was on sale last week. All while you just wanted to buy a bag of Doritos.

20. And that is the look of your boyfriend when you spend so much time shopping and trying on every piece of clothing.

21. When you ask whoever is driving the car if they are really, really sure if this is the right exit on the highway.

22. This is the look of your parents when they insinuatingly ask what time you SHOULD be home at.

23. When, for the fourth time this week, you eat your roommates soy, gluten-free yoghurt without buying a new one.

24. When you’re practicing your reporting skills in front of the mirror.

25. When you tell your friend the latest gossip, namely that Johnny and Cindy finally got together!

26. When your friend finds out who is with who.

27. When your nose gets tingly and you have to sneeze.

28. And when it's Friday afternoon and you are imagining how nice it would be to put on your pajamas and lay around on the sofa with a beer. Wearing a Snuggly blanket.

You almost think that these dogs are more human than ourselves. And they definitely have it easier because they actually don’t have to worry about such thoughts. What a life!
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