Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nobody wants those ugly looking fat bulges. It makes anyone look like they are out of shape even when they are not. They make our clothes look bad and fitted tightly and are just too stubborn to get rid of. Excess of it raises and increases the risk for development of diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes; hence there has been considerable amount of time being spent on finding a way to remove these stubborn fat cells.

Apparently scientists have found out a way to make these fat cells disappear and that too without surgery or cutting you open. The treatment does no damage to your skin and is very effective.

1 Study shows fat cells die when exposed to extreme cold

Humans normally have two types of fat: white fat & brown fat and knowing the major differences between the two can in fact help people drop weight.

“White fat” is the skinny coating of blubber that is visible on the human stomach, backs of arms and on the thigh region. This is the specific type of fat that performs as a thermal padding that maintains body temperatures at a steady level.

Brown fat is less plentiful in the body and generates heat, rather than take it in like white fat does. Brown fat performs the function of keeping a body warm by burning energy or calories. White fat can mimic the features of the brown fat and the combination results in a product called “beige fat.” This whole process of white cells taking on the features of the brown fat is called “browning.”

Beige and brown fat have the capability to burn calories and this makes them a potent way to reduce weight, while surplus of white fat is linked with weight gain and obesity.

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