Sunday, November 22, 2015

Not many of us are enthusiastic when it comes to exercising and going to the gum.  But when someone mentions red wine we are all in. if you are one of those who enjoy in a glass of red wine, we have a great news for you. A recent study revealed that you will have the same benefits from glass of red wine as you have from one hour exercise in a gym.

The research that was conducted by the University of Alberta, Canada revealed that the power of the red wine is in its ingredient resveratrol. Just one glass of joy will obtain you with muscle strength and heart function.

Whom can this discovery make happy?

The Journal of Physiology published the study which reveals that resveratrol could enhance your training. If you are not the type of person who wants to spend his/hers evenings in trainers, sweat in the gym , but at the same time you want to keep your heart healthy and to strengthen your muscles the solution for you is a glass of red wine. Now you can spend your nights in some of your favorite bars, drinking red wine and joking with your friends without feeling guilty, because what you do is good for your health.

Jason Dyck, the principle investigator for this research claims that resveratrol can provide you with all the benefits you get with working out in a gym.

Now the patients advised to take a regular exercise can get the same benefits from a glass of red wine. This is also good for the people who are too busy and can`t find time to go to the gym, or for those who are too tired after the long working day for additional physical activity.

But if you decide to start practicing this you should have in mind the following two principles:

   1.     All these benefits are associated with the red wine, because only the red wine contains resveratol. So if the white wine is the one that is your favorite, we are truly sorry because you can`t use it as substitution. In fact no other alcoholic drink contains resveratol.

   2.     Do not exaggerate!!! One glass of red wine will be enough and that is the recommended dose by the researchers. Some might decide to take a bottle of red wine and get equal benefits for one week gym session, but that is a huge mistake. According to the study only the amount of one glass red wine is beneficial. A glass more or less and the effect will be lost.

We hope that these two principles will not make you hesitate about drinking wine and that you still have in mind the main benefit from it:  the improvement of your physical strength and performance.

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