Sunday, January 10, 2016

Francesca and Lee Moore-Williams from London are happily married and are the parents of two sweet children: Bobby and Bella. But neither of them realised the nightmare that Bella was going to bring into their lives.

In the beginning everything seemed to be normal. Bella is a sweet, sprightly 18 month old girl, who is idolised by her brother and parents. She is the little ray of sunshine in the family.

But during a family holiday the little Bella suddenly became ill. She even began losing her hair - Francesca and Lee can't explain what is wrong with their daughter. They quickly drive the little one to London, where she is taken to the hospital. There she is examined and the doctors share the terrible discovery with the shocked parents.

After a brain scan anomalies were found in Bella's brain, which couldn't be good. The little girl's condition visibly continued to worsen and finally took a dramatic change: she had to be kept alive by machines, otherwise she would suffocate. Tubes and probes were attached to her body.

The doctors have no good news for the distraught parents: a probe into her muscle mass was undertaken and it was discovered that Bella suffered from a vitamin B12 deficiency. Her body is unable to produce this enzyme itself, but it's needed to allow the cells to grow healthily.

Bella suffers from an extremely rare disease, which affects just 1 in 60000 births. The doctors make it clear for Bella's parents: the girl with not survive, because her respiration is visibly deteriorating.

Francesca and Lee make the most challenging and difficult decision of their lives: they want to turn off Bella'S life-support machine because she shouldn't have to live in agony or in a coma.

Friends and family gathered at the hospital to say their goodbyes. Then came the horrible moment. Francesca and Lee cry at the bedside of their terminally ill daughter and hold her hand one last time. One last photo is taken so that they can remember this moment forever, then they turn off the machine.

"I knew when I held her hand that she would soon take her last breath," said father Lee. "I could feel it as her hand got weaker and sank into the bed. Then suddenly she grasped my finger." All at once the life swamped back into her little body and Bella began hitting and screaming. She literally fight for her life. A team of doctors rushed into the room.

Everyone had expected the little girl to die, but the oxygen levels in her blood began to normalise and she returned to the living in a complete surprise.

She received new medication for her disease and to the surprise of everyone, the young girl recovered from her terrible ordeal at the hospital within just a few weeks.

Five months later Bella looks completely different. Her hair is growing again and she runs - and even laughs! Lee and Francesca call her their little Christmas wonder because no one, neither the doctors, parents or relatives, could have guessed that Bella would simply survive.

Now she is a completely normal little girl, who loves to ride on her pink plastic horse and explore the world. But for her parents and for people worldwide, sie really is a wonder that we should share.

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