Sunday, May 1, 2016

The police station Gang-seo is in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea. At first glance it is an ordinary police station, but there is something that you have to see:

Namely, the duty Cat in the guardhouse! Since 3 months she supports her two-legged "colleagues" at the station. It is called "Molang", Korean for "no idea" because their Finder knew nothing about them - neither their sex and age nor where she came from - when they found the cat before posting. The Polzisten knew the cat, but the cat knew the cops!

Because Molangs entering the service in the police station has a bittersweet history: Last year after a car accident three policemen buried their babies. Molang saw from afar to this. Unbelievable, but a few months later she visited exactly these three police officers in their guardhouse. And to top it all, the cat was pregnant again.

It is in this guardhouse gave birth Molang these cute kittens! The three policemen who had large cats friends anyway, did everything for Molang - from setting up a comfortable "birth area" under the sofa, to sever the umbilical cord.

Since then Molang and her family, the mascot of the police station. Molang has its hands full trying to get work and education of their children under miter. Nevertheless, it proves to be talented single parents who can combine work and private life well together. She did not last due to the "daycare" in their area. Molang is tireless and even pushes vigil.

Molang is something of polite! Apparently, she knows how important the work of a "police cat" is.

As a reward for Molangs tireless efforts the course seo police station has made her a uniform - even with small name badge on the chest.

The police uniform is her dazzling. Now she is a real police cat.

Thanks to their talented mother is the sweet kitten to a uniform. You may feel honored to be the first police cat family in the country.

A heartwarming story. Certainly the kitten just excellent police how her mother are. Share this story if they have never heard of police Cats with your friends.

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