Monday, May 30, 2016

In the middle of a street in Houston, Texas, she stood there. Your skin completely torn and burned. The bitch "Pumpkin" is clearly marked by an apparently more than tough past. She was severely beaten, tortured with a stun gun, and then exposed and left to die.

As if that were not alone bad enough, it brought a man who discovered the animal on the road, actually ready to share a photo of her on Facebook and titled this with the tasteless comment "LOL, so far I've only. 3 district burned dogs seen. "

Good thing spread news in the internet age just on social network quickly. So it happened that the attentive staff member Patty, "Austin Pets Alive" the picture immediately on the website of the organization "Pawsitively Texas"  published. Amazing but true, but the bad humor of one man sparked something really touching.

Immediately, volunteers started to look after the dog and felt this on. What did not show the picture of the man with the bad sense of humor, was that the female had a small puppy. Littered with fleas and severely malnourished.

Immediately the helpers began to look after mother and daughter to treat her injuries and to bring the two back on its feet. For a moment, the two could recover from all the atrocities.

Unfortunately, it did not make the puppy. It died after a few days his serious malnutrition. Pumpkin, however, was received by Anna Barbosa, founder of "Freddie's Hope Rescue Ranch" in its aid program.

She recovered quickly from her injuries there. Her wounds healed gradually, their fur grew in brilliant white after and she was getting better. Finally she found after just 6 weeks a new loving owner named Kelly Williams. The young woman who has already been multiple dog owner, the dog immediately closed his heart and gave her from now on a new home.

henceforth began a whole new life for the dog lady. She put an incredible development towards and felt clearly in their new environment well.

She is now unrecognizable. An incredibly touching story that illustrates how things sometimes unexpectedly have the reverse effect. Who would have thought that a macabre Facebook Post the bitch has saved ultimately life.

Source: Little Things

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