Saturday, May 28, 2016

As the US-American Jade Thrasher discovered at the age of 13 years, the tanning bed for herself, she has no idea what a catastrophic effect it will have on them.

Although it is then already a very pretty young girl, she developed a real addiction to artificial tan. The reason lies in their environment. So Jade tells about her homeland Nashville: "There was a huge pressure to always be browned. Blass was just as unattractive. "

It fits the beauty trend and goes three times a week for 20 minutes each on the sunbed. When, in 2010, pending their wedding, Jade intensified its meetings even further - up to six days in a row it is now sunbathe.

For 11 years it went well - until 2014. Then she noticed at once a bright, painful spot on her nose. First, it considers it an inflamed pimples ...

But the truth is much worse. As the wound again and again breaks out and does not heal, but is increasing, Jade eventually goes to the doctor. There, a terrible diagnosis.

Jade has skin cancer - with just 24 years! To save Jades face, the doctors have to cut in a painful operation a piece the size of a 5-cent piece out of her nose.

To fill the gap and thus Jade remains not completely disfigured, a 15 cm piece of skin is removed from her breast and implanted at the nose. That leaves a big scar, but Jade and her family are pleased that it manages without radiation and chemotherapy. But they like to take the pain and the scars in purchasing.

In addition to the scars Jade retains above all the memory of the shock. For this purpose it gains a whole new awareness of the dangers of excessive sunbathing. Therefore shares and publish it the images of their wounds: She wants other young people learn from their experience.

Today she says: "Of course I regret today to have abused my skin so long. But I was lucky that the cancer broke out so early, because now I can save my skin. I used a tanning bed at home, but that's gone now. "Now Jade enjoys even skin her pale.

Today Jade is 29 years old and enjoying together with her husband Matt again the sun, but only in moderation and using sunscreen.

It was later learned that the tumor probably already up to five years was in her nose and was only discovered very late. Thus you that does not happen always, out only with sunscreen, avoid tanning beds. Then you have even in old age still happy skin. Jade had it on the painful way to learn, but others can learn from their experiences.

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