Friday, May 27, 2016

Joshua Marbury and Alicia Quinney from Sherwood in Oregon (USA) to spend an evening together and leave their 1-year-old son Jacob in the care of a babysitter, a mutual friend. When they get home, the babysitter asleep on the couch while the toddler crying. But until the next day to see the parents until the full extent of what happened: In the face of her son resplendent bruises and bruises!

The applied parents reimburse course immediately display against the babysitter who even admits to have beaten Jacob. But the incredible thing: The charge is dropped, because according to the laws in the State of Oregon the victim must testify even to convict the perpetrators. In this Facebook call to the 26-year-old father Joshua makes his anger and demanding justice for his son:

"Normally, I do family things very private, because I do not need the attention. Here the situation is different. 2 months ago, my 1-year-old son was beaten so badly by our babysitter on the right side of his face that several doctors (who even showed us handprints) and a police officer said it could have killed him. After several days, the babysitter has confessed to having done it. STILL can not be arrested this person, you must first build a case and convict him before he can go to prison. After 2 months of waiting, we have only found that the charges were dropped because my 1-year-old can not be expressed in words, that he was abused and my son has not shown that he was in pain, or that this person the "intentionally " have done. I am SO mad, I just hope that the issue here viral and something happens. There is a confession and evidence that shows a handprint! A corpse can not tell who she killed you too. But a baby does not count as a victim, because it can not talk ??? This can also not a corpse. And you have two months needed to tell us? Something must be done. NOBODY can beat a child and get away with it, just because it can not tell with words of the child. "

           Facebook / Alicia Quinney

Hundreds of thousands have shared the post and disbelieve this outrageous injustice. The young parents can now check again by a higher court in the case.

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