Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Happen in this world are still things that one to pull the rug from under their feet. Whether it is because they are unjust and heartless. Or unnecessary and pointless. Or simply inhuman and shameful. On the cruel tradition of annual Walschlachtens in the fjords of the Faroe Islands to meet all of these points. And yet it takes place as before, and again this summer. With the following pictures make the environmental activists of Sea Shepherd's attention to this madness. But be careful, some shots have really something!

Since the 16th century there whaling around the Faroe Islands. Specific records begin in 1709. Most of them are pilot whales that are killed by the captors.

In the past, fishermen were still using simple wooden boats to hunt for whale meat. The yield was still manageable and presented no direct threat to the whale population represents.

On the bed of the fjord is teeming before whalebones and -schädeln. This demonstrates appreciate the sad truth, as much suffering and death has brought this gruesome tradition already on the marine mammals.

Who thought in images such as this one, that there in the summer takes place thousands of small dramas every year?

Today comes the annual pilot whales (färisch: grindadráp) latest technology available. The chance of the animals is therefore to escape negligible.

Huge groups (schools) of whales are driven into the fjords and there waiting for her cruel fate on them: Unstoppable takes the carnage his run!

Images like these are taking place constantly. Every time a struggle for survival, the whale will lose.

Aerial photographs show the true extent of the terrible spectacle: The waters of the bay turns deep red with the blood of slain pilot whales.

The now lifeless floating in the water whales are hoisted with ropes ashore and placed there by the dozen adjacent.

Here is the sad result of a single fishing day: Around 40 dead whales, all neatly lined up. Horror has system.

One can only imagine what tortures suffered by this animal. And all this. Only the tradition because whale meat plays only a subordinate role on the menu of the Faroese

Clearly the sad culmination of cruel slaughter feast: A slashed Walkuh whose guts spread over the asphalt. And next to her unborn calf that had no chance of life.

And what all the suffering? At the end of the day the baby whale lands as unwanted by-catch in the dumpster.

But the main thing, the kids had fun. In what kind of world are we living in?

Incredible! So much suffering, blood and death is simply unbearable for any human normal sentient. This madness must stop and do it now! But few know of the massacre on the edge of Europe. Therefore, this product share it with others. This has to stop immediately.

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