Sunday, June 12, 2016

The 36-year-old Christina Fisher from Florida, United States weighs, happy her 5 months old daughter Abigail Lynn to sleep. That Abigail blessed is now in the arms of the mother, is not self-evident, because actually Christina had a child yet released before birth for adoption. The expectant mother was unemployed at the time of her pregnancy, was living in a caravan and feared not being able to care for the child. That it still did not happen, is due to the incredible incident after childbirth.

When Abigail was born on 1 January 2016, saw the doctors that something was wrong with her: The baby came with a facial deformity to the world, which was previously not noticed in the ultrasound images. As the adoptive mother Abigail looked at the Birth station for the first time, she began to cry and left - apparently repelled by the appearance of the baby - fled the hospital. Christina should never hear from her again.

Christina looked at the hysterical behavior of the adoptive mother a sign to make the adoption and reversed himself to care for Abigail. "I just knew that I could never give up," says Christina. Unlike the adoptive mother's biological mother was enchanted by her baby girl was born with the so-called Treacher Collins syndrome - a genetic disease that leads to a malformation of the ears and facial region.

Despite all that Abigail is not mentally affected by the disease and is able to lead a normal life - apart from some surgical corrections at a later age. "There are doctors with Treacher Collins and even a male model ," says Christina. To share their happiness with all mother, Christina was photographed with Abigail after the birth of the photographer Oksana Peery. The beautiful and intimate pictures appeared on Twitter and showed the adoptive mother what had eluded her:

Christina is at your decision and is glad to have given up for adoption. In their eyes, the adoptive mother "brought to the most fantastic baby in the world." How right she has with this assessment, you can see the enchanting photos.

The courageous Christina has shown what it means to be a true mother: namely the child to love unconditionally - no matter what comes. Actually it superficial adoptive mom can be thankful, because without their hasty reaction would Christina its unique daughter not now hold in the arms.

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