Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nearly every child loves going to the playground. And while they do this, parents like to sit on a bench watching their little ones to make sure nothing happens. But sometimes this isn’t enough. It’s hard to believe, but there are some people out there who seek to harm innocent children. This was true of Amy Smith and her little daughter.

The two want to spend a cheerful Sunday afternoon at the playground. This is not the first time, young Demi-Mai knows the place very well. She especially likes the tunnel slide. But this changes dramatically on this day. From this day on, the little girl is really afraid.

Demi-Mai, on this occasion, spent a little longer than usual in the tunnel slide. Amy was wondering why at first, but wasn’t too worried at this stage. But after going down the tunnel slide, Demi-Mai came running towards her mother with tears streaming down her face and severe cuts on her right leg.

She could not believe what she saw. Amy found broken glass in the tunnel slide, which was obviously placed there with the sole intention of hurting children. The mother went straight to hospital with her daughter, where her daughter's wounds were treated.

But it gets even worse: According to a police report, nearby the slide, there was a spot where the person who had placed the glass, most likely observed the children from.

Now Amy wants to warn other parents and encourage them to examine the playground where their children play beforehand to check for broken glass or any other dangerous objects.

It does make you raise the question of who could be so heartless as to want to see small children suffer in such a way. Playgrounds should be vicinities of laughter and joy, where parents should be able to feel completely at ease. This certainly was not the case for Amy and her little daughter but it will hopefully be a wake-up call for all other parents now.

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