Monday, June 13, 2016

Are they feet or are they hands? The internet has been driven absolutely crazy lately after a Taiwanese woman posted pics of her weird looking feet.

Originally posted online as part of a university forum for students in Taiwan, the feet pictures have now been seen by millions, many of which can’t figure out if they are looking at a hand or a foot!

You would think the woman must be extremely tall right? Apparently she’s only 4’11, and one of her longest toes reaches 5cm in length!


Indeed, her weird feet have caused some to make fun of her. She talks about the ridicule she’s faced since a kid:

“Since my childhood, I have always drawn attention whenever I wear flip-flops. Some people would ask me to use my ‘four hands’ to climb a tree.”

She thought they were normal all along, and that everyone else had short toes. Here’s how she explains it:

“When I was young, I thought they were normal toes. When I first saw other people’s toes, I thought ‘how come their toes are so short?’ As I grew up, I realized I was the bizarre one after all.”

Turns out both of her parents have longer than usual toes. The one big advantage? They are perfect for when she has to tiptoe around!

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