Thursday, July 7, 2016

My favorite part of any wedding has to be the vows. I love the traditional ones with their beautifully worded poetry. And I also love it when couples write their own heartfelt promises to each other.

Custom vows really show you what a particular couple thinks about marriage and they also show you how much thought the newlyweds have put into their union. But I’ve never seen any vows like the ones that the groom makes in the video below…

When the time comes for this couple to exchange vows, the groom looks preoccupied. He says, “Just a second,” and abruptly walks off the altar. The bride is stunned. The priest has no idea what to do. And the audience looks nervous. Even watching it on Youtube, I felt a little unsettled at first.

But when the groom kneels down in front of his new stepdaughter and makes a promise to her, there’s not a dry eye in the chapel. The groom welcomes the little girl into his life and family and also promises to always love her. It’s an amazing moment and I’m sure that no one who was at that church that day will ever forget it.

Watch the beautiful moment below!

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