Monday, July 11, 2016

Reporters or newscasters of any kind regularly appear live on the air. This means that anything can happen, and with only a delay of a few seconds, it’s hard stop mistakes when they happen. There are no “takes” like in the movies, and as one meteorologist found out, no time to change your clothes!

But sometimes, these surprises are good, especially when they’re for another person. In 2008, KAMC reporter Emily Leonard’s segment was going according to plan — until a strange man interrupted her.

She knew this wasn’t her colleague’s voice, but it sounded familiar. As she could not immediately see his face, it took Emily a while to figure who was speaking, and why he said that he was going to make her cry… It was her boyfriend, Matt Laubhan, who happened to be a meteorologist for rival station KLBK.

Then, Laubhan appeared in front of her desk, got on one knee, and asked her to marry him.

The anchor was speechless after being surprised in such a way, but she said yes — the couple is still happily married, and now have two children.

Watch the entire clip to see Emily’s look of disbelief turn into one of joy!

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