Wednesday, August 3, 2016

In Sebekapur, India, a Doberman was buried with great honor after he had sacrificed his life for his family. The owners said it's the least they could do for him. He was a real hero.

The dog only lived with the family for a few months. This is why, its owners were doubly surprised when he bravely stood up against four mountain cobras that tried to creep into the house.

As it happened in the middle of the night, the residents did not notice the danger at first and were only awoken by the loud barking and whining of the dog. When they ran out onto the porch to see where the noise was coming from, they saw the hero fighting away the snakes, but also saw a large pool of blood.

Boldly, the dog repeatedly launched himself into the snakes until they are all dead. But a few minutes later, he collapsed to the floor, completely powerless and ridden with countless bites. The venom of the cobras was too much for him.

His owner, Dibakar Raita says: "I'm shocked! He made the ultimate sacrifice for us. He will remain forever in our memory." The whole village is taking part in his funeral. It was because of his incredible feat that the family survived.

He only knew the family for a short while but he truly was their best friend. What a brave dog!

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