Monday, August 29, 2016

Getting a dog from the shelter is an amazing experience. You are rescuing an animal and providing them with the love they’ve been missing out on. But then there’s a story like this one. It’s a man who adopts Reggie, a Labrador puppy. Things are hard at first.

He had just moved to a new city and was sorting out his surroundings, while the dog too was naturally trying to figure things out. Apparently it became too much and the man thought to implement the 2 week return policy on the dog. It was coming up on the end of week 2, when he found something in the box that came with Reggie. It was an amazing letter from Reggie’s last owner. Please read the letter below:

Turns out Paul Mallory was a soldier, killed in action while having saved three of his friends. The man saw Reggie in a whole new light, as well as having a new outlook on dog ownership. All thanks to the powerful letter.

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