Saturday, August 6, 2016

In 2001, the American Yamile Jackson is looking forward to the birth of her first child. At first, everything is going well, but in the sixth month of pregnancy developed Yamile severe preeclampsia  (a condition which leads, among other things extremely high blood pressure).

In order to save the mother and child, a premature birth is initiated. Only 12 weeks before the actual date of the small Zachary is born. The premature babies do not even weighs 1000 grams and must spend the first 155 days of his life in intensive care for premature babies.

Yamile deviates no day of his side, but at night they must leave the hospital. Every departure breaks her heart. You do not want to leave him alone in the cold ICU.

Most of all she wants to keep the little Zachary day and night. He is said to have the feeling of being safe around the clock. As likely Yamile as they can give him this feeling, even when not sitting at his bedside. When they want at home one evening, wash her dishes, her gaze falls on the dish-washing gloves. She has a great idea that they immediately tried.

It fills a fabric glove with flaxseed and take him the next day to the hospital. There she holds the glove all day close to her body as she endures at Zachary's side. When the time comes to go home, she puts the glove which has now assumed its smell, gently on Zachary's shoulder, so that he has the feeling that it was all night at his side.

The next day she is surprised when the nurses tell her how well the glove trick worked. Zachary's heartbeat and his breathing were significantly smoother than the nights before and he slept through the night quietly. From then on, he sleeps every night with the "Zaky" as Yamile christened their invention. As mother and son finally allowed to go home together, one of the sisters catches them off - it still a surprise awaits Yamile.

The nurses on the neonatal unit asking Yamile whether it might be more of these gloves have, they would like to try the trick with other babies in the ward. Since Yamile gets going: It produces 100 versions of "Zaky" for the hospital to, experimenting with different materials.

Parents and hospital staff are enthusiastic, and more and more people want a "Zaky". The glove actually calmed all babies, in which he is placed, and so Yamile is inundated with requests. The glove is such a resounding success that they eventually founded her own company: nurtured by Design  (Brought by Design). Since then, more and more babies benefit from the calming effect of this invention. The positive effect was also demonstrated in studies: Babies who sleep with the soothing smell of the parents and the feeling of a gentle hand, are noticeably quiet, take more oxygen and suffer significantly fewer complications.

As beautiful as a clever mother enriched the lives of countless parents and premature babies. All because of an ingenious idea with the dishes. Zachary even today is a happy boy and justifiably proud of its inventor Mummy.

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