Saturday, August 6, 2016

The violence that do to animals some people is always disturbing. But what animal rights activists have now discovered in Vietnam, is just plain speechless. A dog was the muzzle brutally firmly tied with tape. According to his condition he had to live for some time with this torture.

The frightened animal had incredible fear. It had apparently taken the worst experiences with people.

Very carefully cut the tape had the vets. It had already cut deeply into the flesh.

The pain must have been unbearable for the animal.

When the tape was removed at last, saw that it had eaten through hide and flesh to the bare bones. After successfully engaging Lucky could, so the dog was called, eat again for the first time.

After the meal, the dog's nose was connected. Inflammation danger was still very large.

It took a few days, but soon Lucky was clearly well-nourished, and under the care and supervision of his rescuers could begin the healing process.

You can see the traces still clearly that has left at Lucky's snout life. But he is much more powerful and can cuddle from his his rescuers. Luckily, he was saved. Otherwise he would have starved miserably. Hopefully his tormentors for their acts be brought to justice before they might still be able to exercise on other helpless animals their cruel methods.

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