Friday, September 16, 2016

Max Atkin doesn't just look like the coolest kid in school. I mean he's got a full head of long, Thor-ish hair, and he's a ripped high school quarterback.

And a damn good one too. In a recent game he had 200 passing yards, 60 rushing yards, and four touchdowns. I don't know anything about football but those are a lot of numbers and they sound important.

And Atkin could easily be typified as a run-of-the-mill football jock. But there's nothing typical about what he did when he was crowned homecoming king.

Pictured with Atkin is his friend and football team manager, K.L. Norwood. He was nominated along with Atkin for homecoming king.

During halftime, Atkin did something awesome: he presented the crown to K.L. in a touching display of friendship that made the crowd absolutely wild.

K.L. suffers from cerebral palsy, but Atkin made it clear that the gift wasn't a 'pity' gesture: he honestly believed that his friend deserved it.

"I think it should've gone to the person who positively uplifts the school and everybody around him. and that person is K.L., for sure."

I thought it was the best hearing them chant K.L.'s name right after halftime, and I know he liked that, too. Everybody was going wild for him. Everybody loves K.L. at this school."

"Max, that's just what he is, and that's what our team is too. They love each other, and that's why we're successful." Said the team's head coach.

The story's been blowing up and is being shared all over Twitter, which is awesome because high school is typically a brutal place. It's amazing to see people honestly care about one another and get past that petty, teen drama.

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