Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Manila, Philippines – A Facebook user took this photo of a child lying naked in the stairway of Manila City Hall underpass, and it tore my heart into pieces. What’s more heart-breaking? People that passed by doesn’t seem to care. I don’t know what’s wrong, but no one dares to check if this little one is still alive or not. If they are afraid of something, maybe someone should just have called for public officials or a medic to check the kid and took care of him/her.

Image credits: AJ Laberinto

Is this the reality now? Are we giving up humanity? Did our morals and values deteriorating?  I hope not! I still believe that LOVE, COMPASSION, RESPECT, and KINDNESS are in the Heart of everyone!

These images tore my heart over and over, in fact I’m furious, I want to point finger, I want to blame, I want to curse, I want to burst in anger. But will these actions solve anything? A big NO! It would only cause more trouble and enemies while the problem still lingers on the edge.

What can we do? What can we do to help the less privilege families, people out in the streets, out of poverty? What can we do to prevent this thing from ever happening again? So many questions but it’s so hard to find an answers

I think or everyone are thinking of finding a permanent solution that no one will ever object, yet everybody will abide freely and obediently.

This is not just about us, but also about those children who are in need of love, compassion, kindness, and respect. We need to protect them, educate them, give them a life they deserved, so that someday they will have a brighter future ahead of them.

So please to all parents out there, please be responsible with your children. If you can’t afford to raise one, don’t make one! Our children are our future, if we don’t take care of them now… I can’t imagine what kind of future would that be. I hope this article will make people aware of the child’s needs and others alike, I wish the government too. And I’m hoping help will flow eventually.

“There I was, camera–celfone rather, in hand turning around the corner when I saw the child. You see, only recently I’ve been taking pictures of whatever sight was in front of me strolling around Manila though not that many. So there I was, and for several seconds the baby lay there on the floor not dying but rather sound asleep. The passers-byhaving seen too many too much of street children and beggars knew already how to react: they just walked away. After having finished taking the photos I then asked some familiar faces in the crowd, people who actually lived near those stairs, as to where the parent of that baby was. Lo and behold, a woman somewhat bedraggled with dirty clothes on showed up and immeadiately carried the baby away. All of this in a span of seconds. I bought the child food, by the way, four days ago and he’s still living in the streets the very bed to sleep in he ever knew.” the owner of these photos commented on his post.

 Thanks AJ Laberinto for being a concerned citizen. My heart is filled with gratitude for what you did.

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  1. What have humans come to when they can walk past a baby who is just lying on a set of concrete stairs? Has selfishness taken over of much, that a women with a young baby to care for can just be left so that not only does she have to fend for herself, but far worse than that, but that her baby is also left to fend for itself.

    I can't imagine any animal doing this to one of their own, even if it wasn't their own child. We so often see photos of baby animals being taken in & cared for by another breed of animal.

    What does it mean to be a HUMAN these days?