Friday, October 28, 2016

A man's 'incurable inoperable' lung cancer has been cured by a combination of chemotherapy and cannabis oil.

50-year-old Darren Miller, from Illinois was diagnosed with “incurable inoperable” lung and pericardial heart sac cancer. He was given a year to live by doctors, and also told he could chose to undergo chemotherapy to try and prolong his life.

Lung cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, a the survival rate is incredibly low. When diagnosed with Stage IA non-small cell lung cancer the survival rate  is less than 50%. This drops dramatically as the cancer progresses, and for a Stage IV patient, the chance of recovery is just 1%.

Darren made the decision to supplement his chemotherapy treatments with cannabis oil, in the hope that his cancer wouldn't just be halted, but that it would be cleared altogether.

Darren did his research on benefits of cannabis oil and after reading hundreds of other peoples’ personal testimonies of it healing them, Miller decided to go ahead with the treatment.

Darren's wife quit her job in order for them to qualify for medical assistance, and they moved to California, one of the few places where the controversial treatment is available.
After seven months, Darren has been officially declared cancer-free and has the hospital documents to prove it.

He told  CBS News: “Today, which is seven months later, they tell me I am completely cancer-free – not remission. I’ve cured my cancer. Now, am I giving credit to the cannabis oil? Absolutely. Am I giving credit to chemo? I would have to say yes, too. I did both.”

Miller and his wife moved back to Illinois after he was given the all clear, where he now runs a “compassionate cannabis” program to help others who are fighting against cancer like he was.

 What we’re doing is we’re just making small amounts to keep it around and educating others on how to do this,” he said. “Because if you have access to any kind of cannabis, I can give you links on my site to show you how to do this in your own kitchen and save your life.

There are many other stories of cannabis oil helping cure not just cancer, but other illnesses that conventional medicine has no cure for. Darren is not alone in his belief in cannabis oil, and there is hope for many more stories like in the years to come.

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