Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in our bodies – they perform vital functions which is why we must keep them healthy. The kidneys filter out 120-150 quarts of blood every day while producing 1-2 quarts of urine and filtering toxins from the body. They are also important for the bones and blood cell production, which is why we need to protect them.

Here are 8 bad habits that are damaging our kidneys every day:

1. Not emptying your bladder

Not peeing when nature calls is a bad habit that can increase the pressure in your kidneys and lead to renal failure.

2. Not drinking enough water

Our kidneys need to be hydrated to function properly. When we don’t drink enough water, toxins start accumulating in the blood as there’s not enough fluid to flush them out, resulting in further health problems. The recommended daily amount of water is 12 glasses per day and you should stick to it.

3. High salt consumption

Salt is important for proper body function, but you should limit the intake. Consuming too much salt can increase your blood pressure and strain the kidneys too much, so limit the intake of salt to 5.8 gr. per day.

4. Regular use of analgesics

Taking too many medications can cause many problems – all pharmaceutical drugs have side-effects and may damage your kidneys.

5. High protein diet

A proper dose of protein is great for your health, but consuming too much red meat as well as other proteins can increase the risk of kidney disease. According to a recent study conducted at Harvard, too much protein can kill your kidneys. The by-product of protein digestion is ammonia which can intoxicate your kidneys and decrease their function.

6. Too much alcohol

High amounts of alcohol are toxic to the kidneys, so make sure to enjoy it moderately.

7.Too much caffeine

Sure, everyone loves the occasional cup of coffee, but consuming carbonated drinks and sodas beside it can raise the levels of caffeine in your blood and damage your kidneys over time.

8.Ignoring common infections

Ignoring colds, the flu, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and other infections can damage your kidneys. The same applies to people who don’t rest when sick.

Source :  healthylifevision.com 
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