Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nap time is either the best time or the worst time for a parent.

If your baby or toddler enjoys taking a nap, then you can catch up on things around the house, or try to take a nap yourself!

But if your little one is not a fan, then it’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to lie down for a little while.

One mama panda found this out the hard way at the Taipei Zoo! Her little one was not in the napping mood.

The little guy got up from his nap and decided that going on an adventure would be a much better use of his time! Though he is a fuzzy giant baby, this panda still hasn’t mastered the art of sneaking around.

The baby slips and slides around until he gets caught by Mom. As soon as she realizes her baby is out of bed, Mom gets right to work on getting him back to sleep, but the baby fights her just about every step of the way! He doesn’t want to take a nap, can’t Mom understand that?

If you think this sneaky little panda is adorable, you will also love this 5-week-old panda who hasn’t quite figured out how to roll over yet!

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