Monday, October 10, 2016

The SS Cotopaxi was a tramp steamer which had vanished back in December of 1925. The Cuban Coast Guard has now announced that they have intercepted an unmanned ship, and it is being presumed to be the actual SS Cotopaxi. The ship had been associated with the long-lived legend of the Bermuda Triangle!

It was on May 16th when Cuban authorities spotted the ship for the first time. It was west of Havana, near a restricted military zone. They tried communicating with the ship, but to no avail. They finally went to intercept it.

They then discovered the ship to be almost 100-years-old, and it was identified as the Bermuda Triangle linked ship, the Cotopaxi.

Apparently the ship has been abandoned for decades, leading many to believe this is indeed the tramp freighter from way back in 1925 which vanished.

The captains logbook was found and verified it’s association with the Clinchfield Navigation Company, who were the owners of the SS Cotopaxi. As far as what happened to the ship and where it has been for the past 90 years, that remains a mystery.

The logbook indeed appears to be authentic according to Cuban expert, Rodolfo Salvador Cruz. It’s full of info regarding the life of the crew before the ship had vanished. Entries stop at December 1, 1925.

It was November 29th of 1925 when the SS Cotopaxi took off from Charleston, South Carolina heading toward Havana, Cuba. The crew consisted of 32 men and was under the command of Captain W. J. Meyer. The cargo contained was 2340 tons of coal. Two days later the ship was reported missing. No one heard or saw any signs of it for the next 90 years!

General Abelardo Colomé is the Vice President of Council of Ministers. He said that Cuban authorities are going to conduct a full investigation, in order to figure out the mystery regarding the ships vanishing act and it’s sudden reappearance. Here’s what he had to say:

“It is very important for us to understand what happened. Such incidents could be really bad for our economy, so want to make sure that this kind of disappearance doesn’t happen again. The time has come to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, once and for all.”

This region of the Bermuda Triangle is basically known as the area between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. A number of both ships and planes have mysteriously vanished from the area.

Paranormal and supernatural phenomena have been associated with this area. Even extraterrestrial beings have been used to try to explain the mystery.

Leftover technology from the mythical lost continent of Atlantis has also been an attempted explanation.

Of course scientists won’t even recognize the Bermuda Triangle and rather brush off the mysterious vanishing acts as human error and natural phenomena.

But it is the extremely mysterious reappearance of the SS Cotopaxi that could force a change in the thinking and beliefs of the scientific community.

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