Friday, October 7, 2016

Connor Fitz-Gerald and a few other kids were out playing in the sand at Marina Dunes. They were digging up small sand tunnel caves for fun. The 11-year-old was having a blast when he noticed something terrifying.

A little girl, 5-year-old Alyssa Bostic, was buried alive inside. Bostic had dug up a small cave, but it collapsed and trapped her for several minutes. Quickly, Fitz-Gerald began to dig, first excavating her head.

Bostic was completely unconscious with sand in her mouth, nose, and eyes. Fitz-Gerald pulled her lifeless body out and immediately began to do CPR. She woke up.

There were no adults around and Fitz-Gerald only knew how to do CPR from watching the television show NCIS.

“I am glad he was able to sit back and go, wait a minute something’s going on, there’s not a parent here, I know they’re at least a quarter mile away, I need to do something,” his father, Tim Fitz-Gerald, said.

When the adults arrived, they called the paramedics, who said that if Fitz-Gerald wasn’t there, the situation could have been critical or fatal.

Alyssa has made a full recovery and is doing well. Connor Fitz-Gerald was later honored with the National Youth Hero Award from the American Legion Auxiliary.

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