Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A team of human right's observers has been sent by Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) to monitor actions of the law enforcers who have clashes with those protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The decision comes after reports of  militarized police using pepper spray, bean bags, and strip searches, and reports of guard dogs biting multiple protesters. The water protectors have been met with severe violence over the past days and weeks, and media reporters have even been embroiled in the violence and arrests.

Eric Ferrero, director of communications for AIUSA said “Our observers are here to ensure that everyone’s human rights are protected. We’re deeply concerned about what we heard during our previous visit to Standing Rock and what has been reported to us since."

“People here just want to stand up for the rights of Indigenous people and protect their natural resources. These people should not be treated like the enemy. Police must keep the peace using minimal force appropriate to the situation. Confronting men, women, and children while outfitted in gear more suited for the battlefield is a disproportionate response.”

The violence is ongoing, and there have been reports as recently as yesterday that sonic weapons capable of inflicting lasting ear damage were deployed into the crowds.

Letters were first sent from the AIUSA to the North Dakota Highway Patrol and the Morton County Sheriff’s office urging law enforcement officers to respect international human rights standards on the policing of protests.

AIUSA hase kept a close eye on the ongoing protest and is thought to be calling upon the Department of Justice to investigate the methods that the police have been using.

Amnesty International were also involved with the incidents at Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD, after the communities were engaged in trouble in response to police shootings.

H/T :  usuncut.com 
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