Wednesday, November 16, 2016

While the owners of UK dogs celebrated National Dog Day (National Day of Dogs, in free translation), Sara Loche, 37, suffered from animal neglect charges for not having investigated the reason why his dog was losing weight .

Loche was not present in his audience, but was convicted in his absence in Grimsby Magistrates' Court. Loche was banned from having other pets in the future, and his arrest warrant was issued.

Just seeing the dog, whose suffering she allowed, you agree that this woman never should be allowed to be the owner of any pets. Queenie a German Shepherd, weighed just 7.5kg when found (less than half what it should weigh).

Queenie lived in the home of Sara and Richard Loche. Richard, 46, has malpractice record with animals and was banned from having pets for 10 years, and have completed a year of community service.

The RSPCA inspector, Stuart Wainright, have reported seeing dead dogs in better condition than Queenie. She was rushed to the vet, but was sacrificed to suffer no more. At the hearing, Loche said he had not realized that his dog was starving.

Loche claimed that fed the dog several times a day and her weight fluctuated.

Wainwright admits he had never seen a dog in a state so pitiful. The autopsy revealed that there were hidden reasons for Queenie was so malnourished - they did it intentionally starve.

The couple reportedly have another dog that is healthy. The dog can not be taken from them without a court order. Rest in peace, Queenie. Share.

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