Tuesday, November 1, 2016

On Monday, a Facebook meme went viral in which users were encouraged to “check-in” to Standing Rock, North Dakota

This was in order to impede the Morton County Sheriff’s Department’s efforts to monitor the online activities of water protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Social Media users were encouraged by the meme to falsely check into Standing Rock on Facebook, and then to post a second post to clarify to confused friends the user’s true intentions:

“I think we underestimate how often Facebook is used by law enforcement,” New York student Keshia Pendigrast told VICE News.

“So if my small check-in confuses a sheriff somewhere, I’m happy.”

Pendigrast reported that over 65 of her friends had checked into Standing Rock on Monday morning. It’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of people all across the country have also checked-in.

The official stance of The Morton County Sheriff’s Dept is that they are not using Facebook check-ins to gather intelligence. Snopes were also told that if they were to use geolocation tools to track mobile devices, remote check-ins would not fool them.

Source :   organicandhealthy.org 
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