Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It was heartbreaking and the pain never went away. Celeste Nurse gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Zephany, but when she was 3 days old, she was kidnapped.

“It’s heartbreaking as a mom,” said Celeste. “You can’t stop thinking about her.”

Every year the Nurse family would celebrate Zephany’s birthday, wondering where she was, if she was OK, and if they would ever see her again.

Then 17 years later, in 2015, Celeste’s daughter, Cassidy Nurse came home from school. She said she had met a classmate, a girl who looked just like her, and for some reason she felt compelled to get to know her.

Celeste and her husband Mourne Nurse, went to the school to see this classmate and snapped a few photos. Something told them this was their baby girl all grown up.

“I got this feeling inside. I just grabbed my heart and said, ‘This is my daughter. This is my daughter!’” Celeste said.

They notified the police who conducted a DNA test. It was her; it was Zephany. Amazingly, it was discovered that Zephany was a neighbor to them all along, living just a couple of miles away.

“I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t stop crying. I said, ‘Finally I found you. For 17 years I have been looking for you. I found you finally, you’re mine again,’” she said.

The kidnapper was arrested and convicted of kidnapping, but Celeste is unbelievably forgiving. The woman who took Zephany did not hurt her, but raised her as her own. Celeste is empathetic.

“When I see the woman that took her, I want to give her a hug,” said Celeste. “When I see her I want to say thank you, you’ve done a good job. Look at my daughter — she’s beautiful inside and out.”

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