Friday, December 9, 2016

They are able to understand the things that no one does. It’s a gift that they can’t explain to anyone. But, it also burdens them with darkness and pain. This is because their soul is sensitive to the energy that surrounds them. For them, their resonating presence is right within their soul, too difficult to ignore.

They are that pillar others can lean on when they need that support to be relieved from the burdens they have been carrying. They see them as someone who is practical and trustworthy. Despite being utterly sensitive, they have the power to deal with the emotional release when others open their souls to them.

These people, who find shelter in their presence, have no idea that inside they carry an ocean of opposing feelings that together create a noise that is unfathomable and never ceases to exist. That noise they want to silence, but can’t do it.

At times they feel strangulated by a pair of invisible hands. The feeling is so devastating that it consumes them. It takes every bit of their strength not to give under such intense pressure.

Little they can do to fight the negative energy that approaches them suddenly.  The shift is so quick that they can’t even find time to accumulate strength to face it. It hits them squarely on the chest, pushing them into a state of confusion and deep melancholy.

Their inner-self is tuned to feel the negative energy more than anything else. The sorrows, the heartache, the wickedness that exist around them cause deep-distress and pain. These negativities stress their soul more than the kindness and generosity of the world can do to soothe their spirits. The ways of the world are not meant for such people.

Their senses cannot be regulated or controlled to feel less intensely. Whatever they feel goes deep inside and impacts them with great intensity. The effect is never mild or lukewarm, and that is why they feel fatigued and weighed down, both mentally and physically. No one knows what they go through, but in almost all situations, they maintain composure. It is only on rare occasions that they lose self-control.

An empath is a lonely soul. Being in company of others hardly helps them, for the mingling of the various types of energies only confuses them. This makes it difficult for them to identify their own limits and those of the others. They have to strain themselves further to rebuild the connection with their inner-self; redefine the boundaries that have been blurred due to the presence of contrasting energies.

But, an empath too desires to be in the company of people who love them and accept them in all their completeness. This desire often leads them to the people who only intend to take advantage of others. An empath is a ‘giver’ who is ready to shower all their love and compassion on anybody who needs it. That is why empaths are more likely to fall victim to the ploys of manipulators, only to feel wanted and loved.

Their generosity and love makes them blind to the dangers that exist around them. They cannot identify the ulterior motives of those who prey on kind souls and use them for their selfish ends. The empaths end up falling for those who pose themselves as unfortunate and victimized by people and circumstances. In their attempt to heal these false people, an empath gets entangled in their nasty games.

Despite all the dangers in site, an empath can never stop helping others. It’s a temptation they cannot resist. It is part of their character to rush to the help of the others who seem to need it. They feel rescuing others in distress, is equivalent to relieving themselves from misery.

They seem to be oblivious of the weight that such selfless way of living exerts on them. Even if they are aware the burden they carry, they ignore it because they don’t want to come to face to face with their inner demons. They would rather lead a stressed life than walk freely.  This is the remedy they have for themselves to relieve the pain and suffering that lives inside them.

Refusal to address their own pain doesn’t do any good in the long run. Their mind and emotional body eventually succumb to the neglect. The longer they take to address their own issues the more likely they are going to cut themselves off emotionally and physically from the outside world. Finally, self-neglect cannot be continued and they have to resort to soul searching to deal with their deep unresolved wounds.

At this juncture, they feel deepest and most profound agony. It has to be this bad for people who are so sensitive of the emotions. Their struggle is harder as they have to deal with not only their own pain but also the pain they absorbed from others.

Empaths almost always don’t lose themselves fully in love. They retain a bit of their heart and this leaves them with regret and sorrow. Getting involved fully can lead them to experience pure, unrestrained and passionate love in its truest form. They are doubtful about their ability to deal with such overwhelming emotions, and have no idea if their partner will be able to handle them if they allowed themselves to express in the manner.

That is why they choose to keep themselves hidden partly, never revealing themselves fully. They guard a part of themselves closely to avoid a future heartbreak that may result due to lack of compatibility. However, there is a deep desire in them to experience the passionate and powerful love that they are capable of giving and receiving.

Empaths are gifted to feel the emotions more penetratingly which constantly poses the challenge of dealing with pain, heartache and suffering. This melancholy is the dark side of an empath’s character.  Overcoming it is a constant struggle. But that doesn’t mean they should give up and let the dark side have the better of them.

It is possible to avoid the severe pain by learning to cope with negative energies that keep crowding their minds.All they need to do is seek help from those who love them and understand them truly. The empaths need to distinguish between the emotions that belong to them and the ones that emanate from the outside.

At last there won’t be any need to guard their feelings. It would take a lot of effort and willpower to let their empathetic-self have a positive effect in their lives rather than be its victim.

It won’t be fair to the rest of the world, if such beautiful souls suffered in darkness.

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