Sunday, December 18, 2016

James Sellers, a 37-year-old dad from Wales, in the U.K., decided that he needed to share what his son is going through.

Until his twins Logan and Francheska were seven, life was fairly normal for the Sellers family. But one night that year, Logan started getting an itch in his eye.

It didn’t seem like something out of the ordinary until suddenly the little boy’s eye came clear out of the socket.

They rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to establish that the eye was moving due to a tumor. This was followed by a terrible diagnosis: Logan had a rare form of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma, which mostly affects children. The disease would soon turn Logan’s life upside down.

James has described his son as waking up in the night, “sweating, screaming and crying for no apparent reason” and continuously getting sick. We sometimes get the idea from touching stories that circulate that children with serious diseases are always selfless and angelic. That’s a beautiful thing, in the rare cases it happens.

But living with constant fear and pain is incredibly trying for an adult and the fact is, children are even less designed to handle this level of stress. Logan’s cancer affected his moods and robbed him of the desire to eat, drink, or play. He struggled to understand why he felt so terrible and what to do about it, and as a result would get frustrated and angry with his dad. There wasn’t very much that James could do either. He simply tried his best to comfort his little boy.

Then they found out about a potential treatment available in the U.S. and made the huge decision to move to Tennessee and pursue it. It also allowed the whole family a fresh start.

But James has to adjust to life with a lot of worries: “Although we’re having a good time with the outings I have planned, every evening I sit down when they are in bed and think — is this treatment going to work? Will my little boy be OK? Will I wake to find my little boy has lost his battle and passed away in the night?”

There’s nothing harder than going through a painful, scary time alone. James realized that they needed support. And so as not to be alone, it was important to share what Logan was really going through. So he created a Facebook page where he could post pictures of his son’s experience and a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the move and treatment in the U.S. They’ve already managed to gather over $5,000! The responses to both have brought Logan and the whole family some comfort at a time when they need it the most.

James has even dared to publish pictures of Logan that really show his pain and no one can see them without recognizing how poignant they are.

This is a father who cares, and cares very deeply. Parents with very sick children go through a unique struggle of their own, while their children are fighting disease: “People need to realize what this does to a family. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do but at the same time I refuse to show my emotion to the twins, I have to stay strong. My life is Logan and Francheska and until they are happy and well everything else just stops, I just have to be strong for them.”

It’s impossible not to wish Logan and the entire Sellers family the very best of luck in Tennessee. Let’s hope this boy gets all the treatment he needs, recovers, and one day even grows old enough to appreciate his father’s enormous fight on his behalf. Right now, though, he just needs love, attention, and a medical cure.

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