Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It’s hard to believe, after watching this video, that many families out there end up getting rid of their pets when they find out they are having a kid.

Rather than see it as a plus, they believe it to be a threat or a distraction from the child. Nothing could be further from the case, as this video proves. There is so much a pet can bring to the table in regards to raising kids.

Case in point is this family dog that does so much for the little baby. While it was trained for many of these things, it wasn’t trained to do some of the things you will see in this amazing video that the family put together to pay tribute to their wonderful dog.

His name is Charlie, and this beagle gives his love naturally to the baby and does so in the sweetest ways possible! Just watch and you’ll see how Charlie is with this adorable little baby.

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