Thursday, February 9, 2017

We usually use salt in our food to enrich its taste, but there is also another way to use salt that is great for the health.

Himalayan pink salt is delicious, and one of the purest forms of salt which provides excellent health benefits such as regulate blood pressure. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to eat it in order to get the health benefits it provides. Just keeping it near you is enough to relieve your migraines, allergies and insomnia.

There is a great way to use this salt and it is not by sprinkling it all around the house. Instead, you can use it as a lamp.

G.S. Rahi, who is an associate professor of Physical Science at Fayetteville State University said:

As all living systems (including human beings) are bio-electric in nature, the electrically charged particles affect the way we feel and act.”

“In a natural setting, a balance of positive and negative ions contributes to one’s sensations and perceptions. Atmospheric ions can affect health, well-being, efficiency, emotions, and mental attitude of human beings.”

Professor Rahi also stated that having a Himalayan salt lamp in the house reduces the negative effects of positive ions.

It has already been proven that this kind of lamp raises the energy levels and improves concentration. So, keeping it in your home or office will only be beneficial for your health.

They are not just healthy, but also environmental-friendly since they are lit by candles.

So, get yours right away and start enjoying the health benefits it provides.

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