Friday, April 21, 2017

And now for something a bit strange but absolutely hilarious… nobody likes foul odours. They’re offensive to our very senses and they can incite some very strong reactions. There’s all kinds of odours that get us going, you name it. Smelly fish in a fish market, the smell when you forget its garbage day and leave the garbage a few days too long, there are many bad smells out there.

But it’s rare that a smell is so bad that just thinking about it gets our gag reflex going. What am I talking about? Well, Darcy Cimarello came home from the store one day with a pale face, looking like a ghost. Apparently, he encountered a couple of people, just hanging out that were giving of a horrible smell.

So horrible were these smells that as he even tries to describe them to his wife, it triggers flashbacks that cause him to gag and retch! His wife, liking a good laugh films him while he tells the story. To make it even funnier, the wife continues to ask him questions repeatedly, and as the husband again remembers the smell gets sick again.

Good grief… meanwhile, his wife is just having a ball with the entire situation. To make things even funnier, she said that she would put it up an facebook and his husband dismisses it, but I guess she went through with it. Poor guy! Share this funny video with your friends and family and help give them a good laugh and make their day a little better.

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