Sunday, May 21, 2017

A newborn at a hospital receives the highest level of care. At least that’s what you would expect. Unfortunately for these parents, the opposite was true.

Ryan Noval and Jasmine Badocdoc went to check on their newborn, only to find the small baby’s mouth taped totally shut!

The child was at Cebu Maternity Hospital in the Philippines as he was being treated for an infection that the 6-day-old baby had.

So why did they have tape around the baby’s mouth? The answer the nurse gave was shocking.

He was ‘crying non-stop’ and was being ‘too noisy’ the nurse apparently said.

The mother naturally demanded the tape be removed immediately. The nurse refused and told the mother to do it herself.

The mother was afraid she would hurt her son by removing the tape herself. After a lot of back and forth, the nurse finally agreed to take the tape off. But when she took it off, some of the small baby’s skin came off his lips!

The mother was naturally mad as hell. She went to the supervisor and reported the horrible incident.

To add insult to injury, the supervisor said the tape was required because the baby’s pacifier kept falling out of his mouth.

As it turned out, there was a reason why the baby was crying so much. The father explained why: “It was discovered by Jasmine that our baby had peed his diaper!!! Was there just NO TIME to check that [the diaper]? Do you just put tape over a baby’s mouth just because he’s too noisy? Did you take time to inspect and do your job properly? ARE YOU RESPECTABLE???”

Instead of changing a diaper, the nurse sticks tape over the baby’s mouth. The parents were outraged and filed a complaint on the hospital. Now there’s an investigation going on regarding the alleged deplorable behavior of the hospital.

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