Monday, January 22, 2018

True love is affection that has been tested by all sorts of situations. Good times and bad times are the ingredients that make love as powerful as it is. Some couples show their love by buying presents or going on vacations together. Other pairs show love by writing poetry, or simply expressing their feelings by telling their significant other how much they mean to them. And for some couples, this love spans beyond the grave. And sometimes love is synonymous with pulling a prank on your sweetheart. But this wife had her husband going for years after her passing before he realized the joke she played on him.

Phedre and Nigel Fitton fell in love when they were just 16 years old. Though some teenagers have relationships that are not very strong, these two young people knew they were meant to be together. When Phedre passed away, she was almost 70 years old, leaving her husband grief stricken. Though, before she passed away, she impressed the importance of watering the bathroom plants on her husband — which he dutifully did for the five years since his wife’s passing.

Nigel thought of his wife everyday that he watered the plants in the couple’s London bathroom, likely remembering his wife fondly as he did so. “When she died, my dad was grief stricken and just followed her wishes,” Antonia Nichol, the couple’s daughter, said in an interview with Scary Mommy. “He religiously watered them for a few years.” But the punchline was five years in the making. As Nigel was packing up their belongings on his way to a new house, he decided the plants that his wife loved should move along with him. But as he picked them up, he made a shocking discovery.

The plants that his wife asked him to water? They were made of plastic!

The story was so funny, Antonia shared the story on Twitter. Since posting the wholesome prank that her mother played, Antonia’s post has been retweeted over 40,000 times. And the comments have lots of people enjoying her mother’s little joke.

Proving that he also enjoyed his late wife’s joke, Nigel asked his daughter to post a picture of him watering the fake plants for fun.

Nigel’s sense of humor definitely shines through as he realized how sweet his late wife’s prank actually is. And it’s definitely made our day.

Source :  metro 

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