Saturday, March 17, 2018

The world is in a state of total mess nowadays: unending wars, the death of human interactions and several other sensitive issues. Italian freelance artist Macro Melgrati, based in Mexico City, has done what only artists can do: he visualized the world from his perspective and created beautiful illustrations with a clear, powerful message about life.

How will the story end?

The human zoo

Irrational fear used as a tool to rise to power.

Non-realistic representation

Grow fast or cheat

In guns we trust

Writing as a therapeutic form.

Hunting the big trophy

How to grow a business

Imagery behind Thai fighting

Rise of crime TV documentaries

Addictive power of smartphones

Running from life's insecurities

The hashtag world transition

Digital currency mania

Aim high, reach for the moon

Hunter becomes the hunted

The price ain't right for a dose

Medical anxieties and fears

The great hunter remade

Source :  instagram 

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