Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Bullying is an unfortunate epidemic in our society. As the most common form of abuse, addressing it is a matter of urgency.

Insulting someone based on their appearance is pitiful enough, but bullying someone with a congenital disease that they can’t help? Now that’s lower than low.

Austin Niehus is a teenager who had the misfortune of being born with Goldenhar syndrome, an incredibly rare genetic disease that causes birth defects of the face and head.

The syndrome usually results in a lack of formation with the ears, nose, lips and jawbone. As a result, sufferers are commonly left with striking abnormalities when it comes to their physical appearance.

By the age of just 14, Austin had already undergone 52 corrective surgeries.

Yet, despite the fact that Austin essentially grew up in hospital, amongst hundreds of doctors and surgery tables, he lives a fairly normal life now.

However, he was missing one big thing …

Austin’s nearest and dearest describe him as a smart boy, full of love and kindness.

Unfortunately, other people around him have often been occupied by his appearance. Because he looks different from a ‘normal’ child, he was subjected to cruel bullying from an early age.

As a result of the constant abuse, Austin felt ostracised and isolated from the other children at school. He longed for friendship, and sought the company of other people with Goldenhar syndrome.

However, because his disease is so rare, it was difficult to find people with the affliction.

Soon enough, though, everything would change …

In the video below, the cameras roll while 15-year-old Austin waits for a very special visitor to his home in Colorado.

When a car comes up the driveway, Austin eagerly watches out the window. He calls for his mother and two siblings.

What follows is a truly heartbreaking encounter between two people who have waited to meet each other for a very long time … the scene could not be more perfect.

You can watch below:

I’ve never understood how people can bully others. Not least when the bullying extends to purely how a person looks. It makes me so sad to think that people can take enjoyment from needlessly picking on others. All bullies should be held accountable for their actions, and made aware that what they’re doing has no place in a civilised society.

Yet, while it broke my heart to initially read Austin’s story, I’m happy he was able to meet someone else who he can find common ground with; someone who won’t judge him in the slightest.

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Source :  newsner.com 

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