Thursday, April 19, 2018

Arthritis doesn’t have to be an inevitability of getting older.

Arthritis is often associated with age, and is seen as a general worsening of the joints to a pint where they can become painful and more difficult to use than they previously were.

It is seen as one of the things that you will probably have to deal with as you get older, as there is currently no known medical cure for it.

But nature might hold the secret to beating the condition.

A correlation has been found which directly links the onset of arthritis to a deficiency of deficiency of the trace mineral boron.

Prof. Roger Wyburn-Mason (MD, PhD) found that parasitic amoebas were present in the joints of people with arthritis, and an interesting theory about boron. Working with author of “Beating Arthritis and Beating Osteoporosis” Dr. Rex E. Newnham (PhD, DO and ND) together they worked on their boron theory.

Together they found that in places in the world where there was naturally highly occurring levels of boron, the arthritis incidence was extremely low, as low as 1-7%.

They found that in parts of New Zealand and Australia where boron levels are low, the rates of arthritis sky rocketed to 20-40%. And again, Jamaica with its low levels of boron, arthritis levels reached as high as 70%.

This groundbreaking work was shelved, and like so many other theories that didn’t get time to play out while its discoverers were still alive, not enough workhas been done on the boron theory, and millions of people still suffer with arthritis.

Foods high in boron include:

      ·        almonds
      ·        walnuts
      ·        avocados
      ·        broccoli
      ·        potatoes
      ·        pears
      ·        prunes 
      ·        honey
      ·        oranges
      ·        onions
      ·        chick peas
      ·        carrots
      ·        beans
      ·        bananas
      ·        red grapes 
      ·        red apples
      ·        raisins

Now is the time for scientists to be looking into the link between boron and arthritis, with a view to finding a potential cure. Many chronic diseases have been treated and indeed cured thanks to accidental natural solutions like this one.

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